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Reflexology and Anxiety: Decoding the Connection!

Reflexology is the use of appropriate pressure to certain points & areas on the hands, ears, or feet. Reflexologists consider that these reflex points correlate to various body organs & systems & that pressing them provides real benefits for the individual’s health.

Despite the fact that a reflexology foot massager might not be used to cure disease or diagnose, millions of people worldwide use it to accompany other treatments while addressing conditions like asthma, anxiety, cardiovascular issues, headaches, PMS, cancer treatment, sinusitis & kidney function.

Understanding anxiety

Most individuals experience anxiety at a certain moment in their life. You might encounter mild symptoms while facing a problematic or stressful situation. You may also have more serious, long-lasting symptoms that affect your daily life, including:

  • Restlessness
  • feelings of fear, panic, or worry
  • difficulty concentrating
  • fatigue
  • difficulty staying asleep or falling asleep
  • irritability
  • headaches, nausea, or digestive concerns
  • muscle tension
  • feeling a lack of control

Reflexology & Anxiety 

Anxiety is generally treated with medication, therapy, or a mixture of both. There are also various alternative treatments, including reflexology, that can help.

Here are some reflexology methods that help relieve anxiety.

1. Hand Reflexology for Anxiety

Recent studies showed that hand reflexology depleted anxiety in individuals who were about to have coronary angiography. Individuals who had had reflexology treatment were seen experiencing minimum anxiety about the process.

For anxiety relief, put pressure on the HT7 (Heart 7) point. It is found just below the bend of your wrist on the outer hand. You might feel a little prick here. Massage this region for a minute on both hands to get relief from anxiety.

2. Foot reflexology for anxiety

Foot reflexology is the most important reflexology & it helps relieve anxiety with ease as compared to other reflexology methods. Most people also prefer to use reflexology foot massager to relieve anxiety.

  • Diaphragm Reflex– Using your thumb, work across the center of the foot three times. Working in this region helps to release anxiety held in the entire body.
  • Spinal Reflexes – Utilizing the thumb press & circle down the flank of the foot beginning from the big toe down about the heel. Next, press & move crosswise from the heel to the ankle & then pressing & circle from the ankle to the toe at the side of the foot. Repeat the process at least 3 times. Working in any regions that are sensitive might help to reduce pain, anxiety, or muscle spasms.
  • Adrenal Reflexes – Utilizing the thumb on the inward edge of the foot just underneath the knuckle of the big toe, softly press this region & breathe deeply & slowly as you press. Adrenal glands can be found at the peak of each kidney. They are accountable for producing hormones that we can’t live without, like sex hormones & cortisol.

While stressed, our body produces Cortisol & it is this that aids us respond to anxiety. While we are in a stressed state all the period, the production of a lot of cortisol might damage the body & lead to adrenal fatigue that affects the metabolism & other regions of the body.

In this way, foot reflexology works with your body to release anxiety & make you as well as your mind peaceful.

3. Ear reflexology for anxiety relief

Many acupressure points go through your ear; that’s why ear reflexology can be a vital element in relieving your anxiety. Here is how it helps with anxiety.

  • Massage the ear lobe in small circles to get relief from anxiety

Work with the thumb alongside index fingers to gently massage the ear lobes in tiny circles. After doing it a few times, transfer the fingers up to the middle of the outer part of the ears, & lightly rotate the whole ear in tiny circles.

This is an excellent choice for anxiety relief in the body. The ear lobes are generally energetically associated with the brain & with reflexology, you can have a fully sound mind & improve your brain.

  • Relieve anxiety by outer ears massaging

Put the left palm on your left ear & also the right palm on your right ear. Close your eyes, simultaneously drop your shoulders. Gently move your hands in a steady circular movement, massaging the external region of the ears utilizing your palms.

Carry on for not less than a few minutes & then repeat from the alternate direction. This will help you disconnect, only for a short period, from the demands of everyday life & alleviate any development of stress & anxiety.

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4. Shoulder Reflexology to relieve stress

The good point of your shoulder is in your shoulder muscle. To get it, pinch the shoulder muscle with your thumb & middle finger.

To make use of this point:

  • Get the point on the shoulder muscle
  • Squeeze the muscle with the thumb & middle finger
  • Apply soft, firm pressure with the index finger & massage the point for 4-5 seconds
  • Release the squeeze as you massage different points

This pressure point is stated to help with relieving anxiety, muscle tension, stress, & headaches. It might also induce labor, so do not use this point in case you’re pregnant.


Apart from the hand, foot, ear & shoulder, there are many other reflexology points as well that helps in relieving anxiety. Although there is limited research about the utilize of reflexology points for anxiety, yet experts are beginning to look for new methods for anxiety treatments.

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Reflexology and Anxiety: Decoding the Connection!

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