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How to control pain from diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetes can create long-term complications in your body, particularly if you don't regulate your blood sugar & sugar concentrations remain high for several years. So before opting for the best foot massager, know high blood sugar levels cause diabetic neuropathy. It affects the nerves that convey signals from your feet & hands.

Numbing sensation or tingling in your toes, fingers, hands, & feet might be caused by diabetic neuropathy. A scorching, intense, or painful ache is another sign (diabetic nerve pain). The discomfort may be moderate at first, but it might worsen & extend up your arms or legs over time. Walking can be painful, & even the gentlest touch can be excruciating.

Prescription drugs can be beneficial. However, studies reveal that they only reduce pain by roughly 30% to 50%. So how will you cross the chasm? Can a foot massager for diabetics help? Learn how to receive relief right now while also preventing the disease from worsening in the future.

1-Take a pain reliever that is available over-the-counter.

Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen might relieve mild to severe diabetic nerve pain. However, if you consume them regularly, consult your doctor. Some of these medications may increase your chances of having a heart attack, stroke, or kidney problems.

2-Take Anti-seizure Drugs

Alongside massing with the best foot massager, taking drugs used to treat epileptic convulsions can also be used to treat nerve pain. Gabapentin (Neurontin, Gabarone), Pregabalin (Lyrica), & carbamazepine or oxcarbazepine are examples of these medications. Pregabalin can also help you sleep better. However, drowsiness, dizziness, & swelling are some of the side effects.

3-Foot Massager

If you want simple access to massage at home, the ideal alternative is the best foot massager for diabetics. Massage therapy has also been beneficial when used in conjunction with integrative medicine. These basic advantages include:

  • Reducing stress and boosting relaxation to help in sleep
  • Reducing muscular soreness & tension to aid in pain relief
  • Promoting blood flow to improve circulation
  • Bringing down heart rate & blood pressure.

When used to control diabetic symptoms, massage has been proven in studies to improve serum insulin activity. Well, this lower blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetes. Therefore, foot massaging with the best foot massager can help to stabilize blood glucose levels. Moreover, it can also be used as a supplemental treatment for diabetic neuropathy symptoms.

4-Vitamin D

Your skin, in reaction to sunshine, produces this vitamin. It may offer some protection against nerve discomfort. When researchers evaluated persons having diabetic neuropathy, they discovered that those with lower vitamin D levels also experienced higher discomfort.

Before opting for the best foot massager for diabetics, know that it is difficult to obtain the required 600-800 IU of vitamin D via diet alone. Instead, you might need to take supplements. One research discovered that consuming supplements once per week had reduced symptoms.

5-Try Vitamin B Complex

These are crucial to the health of your nerves. Nerve injury can result from a lack of vitamin B12. Vitamin B6 is essential. It aids the brain in producing various molecules that transmit information throughout your body. Low concentrations of these substances might aggravate discomfort.

Most people get adequate B vitamins through their diet. But, see your doctor whether you need to take a supplement. According to many studies, having a massage with a foot massager for diabetics & taking vitamins can help lessen pain & other symptoms.

6-Make use of Capsaicin Cream

Capsaicin alleviates some of the burning & suffering associated with nerve injury. The research found that wearing an 8-percent capsaicin patch for two weeks lowered pain levels by 30-percent.

A higher-dose patch could only be given to you by your doctor. However, research suggests that a lower-dose, over-the-counter ointment containing around 0.1-percent capsaicin may also be beneficial. It can potentially lessen pain intensity by 11-percent more than a placebo cream.

7-Consume Alpha-Lipoic Acid Supplements

This antioxidant is naturally produced in modest amounts by your body. It may help manage blood sugar levels & relieve nerve pain when consumed in higher dosages. As per research, taking 600 mg daily for five weeks showed a 19-percent improvement in diabetic neuropathy symptoms. In the long run, alpha-lipoic damage might protect against additional nerve injury.

8-Physical therapy

Swimming, for instance, is a physical therapy treatment that can help ease diabetic neuropathy. However, because high-impact workouts might cause nerves to become numb, low-impact activities are the most beneficial.

Choose a reputable physical therapist that understands neuropathy, whether diabetic or not. They should be able to assist you in working through physical therapy strategies to avoid future nerve damage. An expert's attention to physical exercise helps prevent more problems from happening. Please note that physiotherapy alongside foot massage with the best foot massager for diabetics could only relieve diabetic nerve discomfort, not cure it.


Peripheral Neuropathy might cause excruciating pain and sorrow in the victim. But, on the other hand, massage calms their nerves and improves blood circulation for oxidation. It also helps eliminate toxins from the body by reducing fat and improving circulation. As a result, massage is amongst the most effective techniques to alleviate neuropathy discomfort.

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How to control pain from diabetic neuropathy?
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