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Foot Massager for Diabetics


Diabetes many a time comes with many physical complications. One such complication is peripheral neuropathy or diabetic peripheral neuropathy. It is a kind of nerve damage caused due to hyperglycemia that can lead to paralysis & pain in the legs & hands. Utilizing the best foot massager for diabetics can surely provide aid in such cases.

Why are Foot Massagers Best for Diabetics?

The reason neuropathy happens is that the nerve ends get hampered due to a high level of blood sugar. By massaging them, you do a lot of things that might help not only cope with neuropathy but also your entire health.

Initially, massaging boosts blood flow & in case blood flow is increased, it aids your body’s cells to use up glucose, & thus insulin can function more effectively. The increased flow of blood in your feet also minimizes the threat of clots in the blood. For those diabetics with varicosity, enhanced blood circulation might enhance their appearance.

Massaging can as well restore a few nerve functions due to the stimulation that the massage provides your foot & the nerves in there. These risks of complications like foot ulcers are also minimized if you routinely massage the feet.

How to choose the best foot massager?

Here, we’ll be covering how to select the right foot massager for diabetics that focus on the feet & legs. Read on & you might get your perfect fit.

1. A massager that provides a cozier seated position

If you wish to really sit back & relax, then look for a foot massager that provides a cozier seated position.

Foot massagers that are angled & can be adjusted are the best option for you as you are not sitting with your feet at an angle of 90-degree. It will give you a more natural position for sitting, which allows you to lean back into the chair instead of sitting upright.

2. Manual foot massager & electric foot massager

The first micro resolve you have to make is that whether you need a manual foot massager or an electric foot massager. Basically, there is not much of a difference between them both.

Manual foot massagers appear like a tube that you can just place on the floor & roll the foot over it. However, there are also some that come in distinct shapes. Likewise, there are manual foot massagers that have several rollers that can massage the entire foot at once. The good stuff about manual foot massagers is their mobility because you can carry them anywhere.

On the other hand, if you want your massager to do the work for you, then the type you require is an electric foot massager, which is a modern & effective tool. Models of electric foot massager have two distinct functions, which are back & forth motion or oscillating & rolling motion. Most of the electric massagers are built for both feet to get massaged simultaneously.

3. Massaging Methods or Techniques

In addition to selecting a kind of foot massager, you also have to decide what massaging methods or techniques you prefer. Nearly every foot massager has heads that stir to knead for a key massage, but some as well feature massage by compression that enforces direct pressure to ease the muscles in your leg as well as the nerves therein.

A lot of foot massagers also include a heat feature that helps us relax & comfort sore feet. A few models also provide vibration to help magnify the massage effect.

4. Shiatsu Function

Electric foot massagers might also offer a shiatsu function. It is a conventional Japanese massage procedure that includes massaging of the pressure points. These foot massagers utilize moving heads & vibration to copy the technique.

Any foot massager that makes use of shiatsu might help relieve the numbness & pain of a diabetic. However, foot massagers that provide mild shiatsu massages are considered best for the person suffering from diabetes.

5. Size & Weight

The size & weight of a foot massager is another vital feature to think about as it affects how simple it is to store & use. Top-end models with a lot of special features can be bulky as well as heavy, so you require more space for their storage.

They are also not a great travel-friendly option because of their weight. And being a diabetes patient, you would not want to carry such heavy kinds of stuff. Manual massagers are generally the lightest, most concise options, making them perfect for taking on the road.

That’s why before buying do some homework & research, & choose carefully according to your needs.

Millions of people across the globe suffer from diabetes. It has become a very common condition. The good news is that you can manage it and still live a healthy life. One of the most obvious downsides of diabetes is foot pain. Due to nerve damage, the foot area suffers from lack of circulation. This can cause numbness, pain, tingling and sharp pain. The mornings are the worst time. Moving your feet after no activity for hours can cause severe pain in the foot.

There are so many ways to deal with foot pain due to diabetes and using a foot massages is one of the best ways. A foot massage can work wonders for your feet and help you tackle this issue for effectively. Find out more about diabetes and how a simple foot massaging tool can help you.

Living with Diabetes and Foot Pain

If you have diabetes, life can be difficult in general. You have to change your diet, lifestyle and take medicines and commit to a lifetime treatment. Diabetes is untreatable. You have to manage it with proper eating habits, workout, medication and treatment. Foot pain is a side-effect of having diabetes. A majority of the diabetics suffer from it. As you grow old, it is inevitable.

People with proper weight management can suffer from diabetes too as it causes nerve damage. Lack of circulation is one of the reasons for diabetic foot pain. Which is why, you need a simple massage tool to relax the muscle and improve blood circulation. The last thing you need is another pill for foot pain. The good news is that you can manage foot pain with a foot massager for diabetics.

Best Foot Massager for Diabetics

The best foot massager for diabetics can be as simple as the Foot Log tool. It is a simplest massage tool that can reduce pain, and discomfort from the foot. And, it is a very simple tool. You don’t need to do anything, just roll the foot massage for diabetes under your feet. It will relax the muscles and reduce pain from the foot.

Using a simple tool is easy and it will save a lot of time. Plus, it is easier to store and carry around. It is an easy to use tool that can be used for a wide range foot pains like diabetes. It is safe and also a proven method to reduce pain. The primary reason for foot pain in diabetics is the nerve damage. This disrupts the blood circulation and causes the foot pain.

Why A Foot Massager is the Best Idea

If you are a diabetic, a massager is one of the best and safest method to address the foot pain issue. Apart from treatment and medication, using a foot massager can benefit people in many ways. A massager tool like Foot Log can be used anytime, and anywhere. You can use it at home, work, or in the car. It is such a simple tool that can be used anytime you want.

A foot massage is a great way to relax the tired muscles. But it can do more than that: it can relax your mind too. Foot pain can take a tool on the body and mind. Living with a chronic foot pain is not an easy job. It makes walking tough and it slows down people suffering from it. Having diabetes is hard enough. Foot pain on top of that can complicate things further. The mental stress is part of it. In such scenario, using a foot massage tool to relax the foot and the mind is a perfect solution. It is like having a spa day at home.

Why Choose a Simple Foot Massager For Diabetics?

A simple massage tool like the Foot Log is the best foot massager for diabetics. Unlike the electronic massagers, Foot Log doesn’t need electricity to operate. You don’t have to bother about plugging it in. It is a simple tool made of durable materials and can be used by rolling it under your foot. No complications, no fuss.

People who have a busy life and diabetic foot pain, a simple massage tools is the best foot massager for diabetics. It is easy to use and will save a lot of time. Plus, you can use it while sitting at your desk. It is quick and easy.

When you are looking for a foot massager for diabetes, it is important to look at a few things, such as:

  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Simple designs
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to store


Finally, we should not overlook the point that a soothing & relaxing massage of the foot puts you in a much-cooled-off frame of mind, & that will benefit the entire body, including the feet. We hope this blog above was able to provide you some more perceptions when it comes down to selecting a foot massager.

Are you wondering how to get rid of those painful foot sores when suffering from diabetes? At FootLog, we know how painful foot pain can be when you suffer from diabetes. In that case, our huge collection of the best foot massager for diabetics might come in handy for you if you are a diabetic. You can get further details by calling this number 1-801-302-5915 or by mailing us at

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Foot Massager for Diabetics

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