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I bought this item just a few days ago to help with my plantar fasciitis along with the stick muscle massager and have been thrilled with the results so far. After just a couple of days, my pain is almost all gone and I can get on with my life again. I wish I had found this item a year ago when I first developed PF.

– Indie99 Reviewed on Amazon

I had been grinding nightly on a dowel. The log feels so much better, and is safer on that sensitive area where heel spurs can form. It it so great to be able to both stretch out my arches and work out the pops and crackles, and at the same time, refresh and invigorate my whole feet.

– Snorkle7 Reviewed on Amazon

I have arthritis in my feet and ankles, however, I control the pain by means of the FootLog whenever pain appears.

– Violet T. Bloomington, MN.

It hits all the right points for my plantar fasciitis. I found that standing on it hits all the right points.

– Ronney B. Rockville, MD Review from Amazon

Following my surgery for the removal of my knee-cap due to a collision, the FootLog accelerated my convalescence that astounded my doctor for my rapid recovery.

– Thelma L. St. Paul, MN.

I bought the foot log after suffering with plantar’s fasciitis for 5 months and having unsuccessfully tried rest, reflexology, and ultrasound treatments. I was skeptical about the foot log at first because it didn’t feel like it was doing much (not much pain, I guess I’m saying, unlike reflexology). But after using it 3x/day (a few minutes each use) for 2 weeks, the relentless pain began to ease. After 4 weeks it was pretty much completely gone. Who knows…maybe it was just a coincidence that the fasciitis went away shortly after I started using the foot log, but for the small price I paid and the little time I invested in using it, I’m sold on it. I continue to use the log on both feet first thing when I get up in the morning, when I get home from work, and when I go to bed, because it feels good and because I NEVER want to feel the debilitation of plantar’s fasciitis again!

– RIchard G. “Rich”, Santa Rosa, CA Reviewed on Amazon

Cold feet was my consistent problem. The FootLog became the remedy and I have balance in walking and standing.

– R.T. L. Mesa, AZ.

really helps with my mild plantar fasciitis (exacerbated by running). I use this every day now, and bought one for someone i know with a similar issue

– lucygucy “lucygucy”, San Francisco, CA Reviewed on Amazon

I had used the FootLog some time before I realized that I had walking and endurance that I had not enjoyed for years.

– Mary A. St. Paul, MN.

I have been using this product for over 20 years. I bought this one as a backup for my original one just in case something happens to it. I usually use it barefoot, one foot at a time. I find that having your other foot next to it keeps it in place real well. I have had foot problems my whole life. Cycling has caused my foot pads to be almost completly numb. By using this nighly while watching tv I am able to do cycling and walking with relative comfort. This also awakens nerves I thought would never acknowledge any stimuli. I usually buy every new product for the feet but nothing is as simple and effective as this roller. I am 60 years old and make my health and fitness a number one priority.

– musiclover Reviewed on Amazon

I like it – great way to relax – feels great while using it -relieves itchy feet and leaves feet feeling tingly and refreshed -My husband liked it.

– Cathy B. Salt Lake City, UT.

Got this as a gift for my sister and she LOVES IT, uses it every night helps with plantar fasciitis.

– kcryan516 Reviewed on Amazon

Like my neighbor I had used the FootLog for sometime when I realized that my nightly leg -nd foot cramps were gone.

– L.A.R., St. Paul, MN.

During my training for a marathon, those long distance runs twice a week were really taking a toll on my feet- arches an heels. I bought this because there’s nothing like a foot massage when your feet are sore and achy. Pedicures were getting too costly to get every week. This is perfect. I even took it with me to Vegas because of all the walking that is done when you are there. Invest in the health of your body… Especially the parts that keep you in motion.

–  AL “CaliAsian”, San Francisco, CA Reviewed on Amazon

My left foot became painful with every step. I secured a FootLog and within minutes the pain was gone.

– Esther C. St. Paul, MN.

I have used the roller for almost a year now, and it helps tremendously with the twinges of plantar fasciitis. It feels great after a day of being on my feet and it helps loosen up the tightness in the morning before going to work. If you use it at least in the morning and the evening, you should definitely feel relief.  I recommend this product for easing the pain of plantar fasciitis.

– konrtst Reviewed on Amazon

When I apply toe pressure on the FootLog I reach for the Kleenex box as my sinuses clears up.

– Rose W. St. Paul, MN.

Lack of circulation was my problem to the point of numbness and the FootLog was the answer.

– Mae S. St. Paul, MN.

This item, when used in conjunction with the night splint, icing, and wearing Berkenstock sandals seem to work well. The foot log does have a tendency to angle off as you use it but, with practice, you can get around this. The sandals were really a huge help. I highly recommend them. I purchased the standard cork insole as opposed to the the softer one.

– terry kamrin “teek”, Pleasant Hills, CA Reviewed on Amazon

The FootLog was the best thing that happened to my feet as it is conducive to relaxation.

– Harold A. New Richmond, WI.