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How to use the Footlog

How to use the Footlog

Ron Jones found his way to foot fitness with his own painful experience with plantar fasciitis. As a life-long runner and hiker, he was severely debilitated from plantar fasciitis to the point where he could no longer run and could not even walk with a limp. He wanted a better way to fix his foot that was less invasive and more natural; hence, the beginning of his journey to help others improve health from the ground up through foot fitness. The information shared on this site worked to fix Ron’s foot pain and hundreds of others in his corporate wellness and website business. The solution can be quite simple–if you begin to trust your feet FIRST.

Ron Jones is the Founder of The Lean Berets and is a Licensed Executive Corporate Wellcoach with the Wellcoaches Corporation and has a MS in Kinesiology with a sub discipline in Sport Psychology from CSU, Northridge, a BA in Physical Education and English, is a certified Health Fitness Specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine, Barefoot Rx Rehab Specialist, Primal Move Fundamentals Instructor, Z-Health Movement Coach, SmartFlex Neurokinetics, and America Team Fitness Indian Club Leader. Other completed certifications include RKC Kettlebell Instructor. Areas of special study include MovNat and the history of fitness and physical culture.

He holds a professional clear teaching credential and is credentialed in Physical Education, Health Science, and English. Ron has been a community college adjunct health/fitness instructor, coached cross country and track student-athletes from first grade through community college, and has worked with collegiate football pre-season conditioning and in-season sport psychology. Ron has served as an ultra-endurance cycling fitness/training consultant nationally and internationally and presented at state and national conventions on bicycle safety, bicycle/health advocacy issues, and corporate wellness.