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How to Reduce Plantar Fasciitis Pain on the Foot?

Plantar fasciitis is very common type of foot or heel pain that often happens due to standing for a long time. It is also called Policeman’s Heel as many who are in the police service complain of constant foot pain. Their job requires them to be on their foot for a long time, which is why it is common in them.

It is a type of tissue inflammation that happen at the bottom of the foot where the tissue that connects heel bone to the toes (plantar fascia) is present. People with this condition often have to deal with stabbing pain in the heel especially in the morning as you take a first few steps. It an also happen if you have to stand for a long time. The pain can get worse after a rigorous workout. You will not feel the pain during the workout.

While there are different types of treatment available, they can be very restrictive especially if you have to work. Proper rest is important which means you may have to give up physical activity for a while. Healing takes time and medication can only do so much.

So, what is the best way to reduce the pain related to plantar fasciitis?

Here are some of the ways you can reduce pain and discomfort from the plantar fasciitis pain:

1. Plantar Fasciitis Massager

A plantar fasciitis massager like Foot Log can help reduce the pain on the foot. The tool is designed by someone who has experienced the pain first hand. This was due to standing for a long time while at work. The simple tool can help provide plantar fasciitis pain relief.

The foot massager is designed to relax the muscles, improve circulation and increase flexibility. With regular use, you can easily reduce pain and discomfort on the foot. More often than not, people have to bear pain when they wake up and take a few steps. This happens when the muscles are sleep and stiff. Sudden movement can worsen the pain. You can reduce the pain by using a foot massager.

It is an easy to use tool:

  • Place the plantar fasciitis massager on the ground
  • Put your foot over it and roll
  • The spike like structures will help relax the muscles and improve circulation

The best part of this simple tool is that you can use it anytime and anywhere you want. It is lightweight and easy to use too that you can carry everywhere. If you are looking for a simple solution without depending too much on medication, a foot massager is a good option.

You can also use the massager for a wide range of condition that causes foot pain like:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathy Foot Pain
  • Reflexology Foot pain

With so many perks, you can easily reduce the pain in your foot with Foot Log massager for plantar fasciitis.

2. Stretching Can Help

Stretching and strengthening can help in reducing pain in the foot due to plantar fasciitis. Doing stretching exercises regularly can reduce the tightness and weakness of the foot muscles. It can also help increase the flexibility of the calf muscles. As the muscles get stretched, you can see an improvement in the condition.

Remember to consult your doctor before indulging in any type of workout if you have plantar fasciitis. It can worsen the case if its not done correctly. Some of the most common types of stretching techniques include:

  • Wall stretches
  • Curb or stair stretches
  • Slant stretches
  • Dynamic stretching with a can
  • Cross-friction massage above the plantar fascia
  • Towel stretching before getting from the bed

With proper stretching exercises, you can easily reduce the pain and discomfort on the foot. It is important that you choose exercises which will not put a lot of strain on the foot.

3. Lifestyle Changes

Making a few lifestyle changes may help reduce the pain on the foot due to plantar fasciitis. In this regard, weight plays an important role. If you are overweight and have to stand for a long time, you are likely to suffer from the condition. Which means keeping a healthy weight is important.

Likewise, there are other things you can do to reduce the pain:

  • Wear comfortable shoes to provide good support and cushion to the foot. Don’t wear high heels for a while as it can increase the discomfort. Also, avoid walking barefoot.
  • Stop doing high impact workout and opt for some low-impact workout to reduce the risk of injuries. The pain can get worse if you put more pressure on them with heavy exercise.
  • Walking and jogging are low-impact workout but that can put pressure on the foot. So, choose something that will not affect the foot too much. Choose wisely when it comes to physical activities.
  • Apply cold press on the foot at the end of the day to relax the muscles. Sore muscles can cause heavy pain. Applying ice can help in providing plantar fasciitis pain relief. It is an age-old remedy that still works.

Don’t forget to consult doctor and get advice.

The Bottom-line

These are some of the most effective ways you can reduce the plantar fasciitis foot pain and ensure improvement. Using a foot massager is one of the best ways to reduce pain and improve the condition.

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How to Reduce Plantar Fasciitis Pain on the Foot?

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