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Manual Foot Roller Massager


We’ve all heard that a short foot massage every now & then can actually help us relax, especially after a busy day of standing & walking around when the feet start to swell. Sure, everyone likes it, but will it actually provide any advantages other than making people feel a little more relaxed & alleviating some of our pain?

There are numerous massage techniques available, each with its own set of health advantages. Traditional therapeutic methods focus on comforting muscles & joints; acupressure focuses on improving general health & energy movement by acting on particular pressure points; aromatherapy adds an extra element of relaxation by acting on numerous senses; & reflexology tries to enhance internal organ component by massaging particular areas of the foot.

Foot rollers are indeed a type of massage equipment that may help you alleviate sore feet & relax even while doing your everyday duties. In the foot log, you can easily choose the best foot massager for diabetes

1. Improves circulation

    We have got accustomed to not utilizing our muscles on a daily basis as a result of our primarily sedentary lifestyle. The muscles in the foot receive little activity, & circulation is frequently hampered by tight & uncomfortable shoes. A ten to twenty-minute foot massager for diabetics session while going to bed may significantly increase circulation inside the lower extremities, which really is especially essential for diabetics.

    2. Helps in the prevention of foot & ankle injuries

    Massage of the foot can help with joint discomfort & injury healing, as well as lessen muscular tightness. Massage, when paired with ankle & foot strengthening exercises & stretching, can help to avoid future injuries & speed up recovery from current ones. A brief session 3 to 5 times per week will guarantee that your risk of damage is kept to a minimum. We all have clumsy moments, but having a strong & flexible ankle & foot guarantees that we prevent painful injuries.

    3. Relieves the symptoms of depression & anxiety

      According to several types of research on the impact of reflexology, this sort of foot massager for diabetics appears to go beyond merely placing patients in a calm condition for the period of the massage.

      It has been demonstrated that frequent sessions dramatically reduce anxiety among cancer patients. The strategies are simple to learn & may be used to effectively deal with depression & anxiety.

      4. Helps in the treatment of headaches & migraines

        Danish research found that persons struggling from headaches & migraines improved significantly after having reflexology treatments. The test volunteers stopped taking their medications, & 3 months later, 65 percent of them had decreased symptoms, while a tiny number had already been cured.

        It is thought that people who had reflexology massages from the best foot massager for diabetics were able to make additional good lifestyle adjustments, which may have assisted in their excellent outcomes.

        5. Lowers blood pressure

          Increased blood pressure has become rather frequent in both men & women in recent times. It can even be induced by a variety of circumstances, including stress & a poor diet, but in certain cases, this has no specific cause & is thought to be the product of environmental & hereditary factors.

          A study of healthcare workers who interact with older persons struggling with dementia — a profession that is both physically & intellectually demanding – found that a ten-minute foot massage appointment 3 times per week resulted in improved mood, less anxiety, & lower blood pressure. If you want to buy the best foot massager for diabetics, then foot log delivers the perfect product to your doorstep.

          6. Helps in the treatment of flat feet & plantar fasciitis

            Because of ligament laxity, those with flat feet don’t have a proper foot arch, causing the arch to collapse. Although it may not have a significant impact on an individual, some people suffer foot pain after even light physical exercise owing to flat feet.

            Inflammation or degeneration of plantar fascia can induce chronic heel discomfort. Regular foot workout combined with deep massage by best foot massager for diabetics, where strong pressure is applied to the arch, can greatly reduce discomfort & even cure these diseases.

            7. Aids in the relief of PMS & menopausal symptoms

              The most frequent PMS symptoms include sorrow & dissatisfaction, impatience, anxiety, tension, sleeplessness, exhaustion, headaches, & mood swings. During this time, regular foot massages can help ease the majority of these problems.

              Similarly, frequent massages can significantly reduce the effects of menopause, which are identical to PMS with the inclusion of hot flashes & depression.

              What is a foot roller massager?

              Foot pain is a difficult thing to live with. It is especially tough when its chronic in nature. It can affect your life in so many ways. Fortunately, there are so many ways to deal with it. Taking medicine, surgery or medical treatments are not the only option. Massages have been played an important role in helping reduce foot pain too. Which is why, you will see a wide range of foot massagers in the market.

              One of the most popular massage tools are the foot roller massager. They are elongated shaped tool with several raised points across the surface. These points are key to reducing foot pain and discomfort. Such tools are elongated, circular tool that allows you roll them under your feet. As you roll them under your feet, the raised points will work their magic on the muscles.

              A foot massager tool is made of wood or plastic materials and are designed to be durable. They are easy to use and you can carry them around with you.  

              How Does A Foot Roller Massager Work?

              A foot roller massager works by putting gentle pressure on the muscles. It is similar to massage techniques used in spas. The difference is that the roller does the work of what a masseuse do. Massage therapist use their hands to knead, press, put gentle pressure and massage the muscles. The raised points on the rolled massager does the same thing. It works on the muscle to loosen up the knots and relax it. It is especially beneficial for people who have stiff muscles in the morning like in diabetes.

              As you roll the massager under your feet, you will feel a little pressure on the muscles. They are not uncomfortable. In fact, the pressure is relaxing. By relaxing the muscles in the foot, the massager helps improve circulation. Lack of circulation is one of the most common reasons for foot pain in people. People with diabetes, arthritis and plantar fasciitis suffer from lack of circulation. For them, a foot roller massager is an excellent tool.  

              Foot roller massage offers a wide range of benefits.  It is especially beneficial for people who suffer from chronic foot pain. Foot Log is an excellent example of a roller massager tool.

              How to Use a Foot Roller Massager

              Using a roller foot massager is as simple as it gets. You can use it while standing or sitting. It doesn’t matter. You already know that the roller massager is rolled under the feet. All you have to do is take off your shoes and start rolling he massager under your feet. You can roll it lightly or use a little more pressure as per your needs. The raised points on the massager help stimulate the different points in the feet. These pressure points are key to reducing pain, soreness, and tiredness felt in the foot. If you have foot aches then a roller massage can help you relieve the pain and discomfort.

              You can use the massager anytime you want. It is a simple tool that you can use it anywhere. For instance, you can also use it in your office. It has a very discreet design, which makes it easy to use and no one is going to notice,

              Who Can Benefit from a Foot Roller Massager?

              There are many foot roller massager benefits. In fact, they are very beneficial for a wide range of foot pains. Some foot pains are short-term and usually go away in few days. But some conditions are chronic in nature. In other words, they are going to last for a long time or a lifetime. Nevertheless, a foot massager like a roller massage tool can help with both type of foot pain issues.

              Here are the benefits of using this tool:

              • Diabetics – 100

              Diabetes is a disease that cannot be cured, it can only be effectively managed. Due to high blood sugar level, the nerves get damaged and circulation is reduced. Lack of circulation in diabetics can cause a wide range of issues including foot pain. A foot massage roller can help improve circulation and reduce pain. Diabetics can benefit a lot from this tool. It is a simple but effective tool that can improve circulation, reduce muscle stiffness and do so much more. It will also help reduce stress and anxiety that comes with living with medical conditions like diabetes.

              • Plantar Fasciitis

              It is also known as Policeman’s Heel as it affects the heel area where the facia is located. Damaged to the tissues here result in foot pain. It is very uncomfortable and can affect quality of life. For instance, walking and even sitting for a long time can be a challenge. Apart from medical treatment, people suffering from this condition can use the roller massager. It can relax the muscles, promote circulation and reduce stiffness in the muscles. All these things together can help reduce foot pain and discomfort that comes with it.

              • Tired foot

              Everyone gets tired feet for one or the other reason. Whether its due to a medical condition or nature of work, a good massager can work wonders on them A roller foot massager is an excellent choice for tired foot. Simply roll the massager under your feet and see the difference it can meet. It will relax the muscles by putting gentle pressure. You will see that your tire feet feel better after the massager. This easy to use massage tool is effective in relaxing tire foot. The raised points are key to achieving the results you want to see.

              • Sore foot

              If you have sore foot then a roller massage will be able to help you. If you feel pain in your feet after walking or standing for long then use a simple roller massage. Roll the massager under your feet to release the tension and reduce soreness. The massager is easy to use and effective. It will help you reduce the pain and discomfort from your feet. It is an easy way to treat your tired feet after a long day. You can also try warm bath for your feet. Using a simple foot massage roller can help you in many ways.

              • After Workout

              Use the roller massager after workout to relax the tired muscles. Daily walks are fun and effective for creating a healthy lifestyle. But they can also cause pain and stiffness sometimes. Using a massager tool is an easy and effective way to deal with this problem. In fact, you can use this massage tool after any workout. People stretch their muscles after a workout session to relax them. You can do the same with a massage roller tool.

              • Foot care

              A roller massage tool can also be used for foot care. You can get a foot spa at home too. After cleaning your foot with a solution, you can use the massage tool to roll it under your feet. It will relax the muscles and improve circulation. You can make the massager tool as a part of your foot care routine. It is so easy to use and effective for all kinds of foot pains. It will surely help in keeping your foot in healthy condition.


              Everyone, including toddlers, teens, adults, and the elderly, can benefit from using an acupressure foot roller. It is quite simple to use. Place the foot roller upon on floor & place the feet just on the prickly surface. Roll the feet back & forth; the roller should move in the same direction as the feet. You can apply more or less force to the spiky surface, depending on your preferences.

              Do you require a foot massager? So, if that’s the case, get your foot massager from Foot Log. Here at Foot Log, we offer our clients the greatest foot massagers meant to relieve pain and suffering while also making you feel calm. Call this number 1-801-302-5915 for additional information.


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              Manual Foot Roller Massager

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