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Why Diabetics Suffer from Foot Pain & What They Can Do

As per the American Diabetes Association, at least 1 out of 3 are diabetics who are over 50 are likely to suffer from peripheral arterial disease (PAD). This can lead to poor circulation and foot pain. Which is why, diabetics are recommended to take care of their foot and ensure improved circulation.

Diabetics and foot pain go hand in hand. As they cross 50, more than 50% of the patients are likely to develop foot pain. Chronic foot pain can make life difficult. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to deal with foot pain, such as using a foot massager for diabetics.

Find out why diabetics suffer from foot pain and what they can do to reduce it:

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

Foot pain in diabetics can result from PAD, a circulatory condition where fat deposits make blood vessels narrower. This reduces blood flow to the limbs and it causes leg pain.

In diabetics, increase in blood sugar level results in neuropathy foot. The blood vessels become narrower and the flow of blood is restricted. The foot doesn’t get enough blood flow and it cause muscle stiffness and pain. Physical activity like walking or standing too long can also cause foot pain. Even sitting for too long can also be painful.

Foot pain is very common in diabetics and it can be reduced using various measures, such as workout and foot massager for diabetics.

 What Are The Symptoms Of PAD Or Peripheral Neuropathy?

The symptoms may vary from person to person. In both the conditions, pain in the foot is common. Numbness and loss of feeling in the foot is also a sign of peripheral neuropathy. Then there is tingling and burning sensation in the foot. Difficulty walking and standing can result of sore foot. It can be difficult after you wake up in the morning. The muscle stiffness can cause severe pain in the foot. Foot pain can cause all types of inconvenience. From walking to working and enjoying life, you might find your foot pain preventing you from these activities.

How To Deal with Foot Pain

Since circulation is the main reason for the foot pain, it is important to improve blood circulation. Apart from the medication and treatment, people can look for other ways to improve it.

Physical activities and workouts can help improve blood circulation. Cardio workouts are an effective way to improve circulation. Almost all types of physical activities can help improve circulation in the body. Besides circulation, reducing muscle stiffness can also help reduce foot pain. Using a foot massager for diabetics is one of the best ways to improve circulation and reduce muscle stiffness.

Yoga stretching and meditation can also help reduce the discomfort. Stress can make things even more complicated. Which is why, meditation is recommended to bring some positivity in life.

Using A Foot Massager for Diabetics

A foot massager for diabetics can also help improve reduce pain and discomfort in the body. A massager can improve circulation and reduce muscle stiffness in an easy way. Foot Log is an easy to use massager which you can use anytime, anywhere. Roll the massager under your feet and you will see the improvement in no time.

Using simple but effective massager can help in improving the condition without the complications. Make sure to find the best massager that is easy to use and is affordable. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get rid of foot pain.

The Bottom-line

Diabetic foot pain is common in people over 50 and it can cause various difficulties in life. Knowing the cause of the pain can help you reduce it and improve the condition. One of the best ways to deal with foot pain is to use a foot massager for diabetics. It is easy to use and very effective in reducing foot pain and discomfort.

Foot Log is an effective foot massager for diabetics. It is an easy to use tool and is helpful in all types of foot pain not just diabetics foot pain. It is an affordable way to reduce pain and discomfort without any hassle. Save time and cost by using Foot Log and enjoy the amazing benefits it has to offer.

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Why Diabetics Suffer from Foot Pain & What They Can Do

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