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What is Diabetic neuropathy and How to Treat It?

Diabetic neuropathy is a medical condition where there is a damage to the nerves of a person with diabetes. High blood sugar or glucose can lead to nerve injury in the body including the feet and the leg. This is one of the reasons why people with diabetes have chronic foot pain.

The condition can have different effect in the body, such as numbness in the legs and feet followed by pain. Apart from the pain in the foot, people with diabetes can also suffer from issues with their digestive system, blood vessels, urinary tract, and heart. The severity of the system differs from person to person. You can prevent the pain and other conditions or reduce the effect by creating a healthy lifestyle.

Foot pain, and discomfort are one of the major symptoms of the Diabetic neuropathy. You can address this issue with the right approach. In this post, we will discuss some of the ways you can manage your diabetes foot pain issues.

How Diabetes Affect your Foot?

Diabetes can affect the health of your feet in many ways. Foot pain due to diabetes is the most common ones. As you know, it is mainly caused by high blood sugar level. The nerve damage can cause nerve pain as well as poor circulation. The feet are prone to pain and poor circulation as they are away from the heart. Other than the high blood sugar level, things like excess weight, and kidney disease can also cause severe pain in the foot.

Foot pain is common in people who have diabetes. Visiting the doctor and taking medicines are important in this case. Apart from this, leading a healthy lifestyle is also important. And, you can also use foot massager for diabetics to reduce the pain and discomfort in the foot.

What are the Symptoms of Diabetes-related Foot Pain?

There are many symptoms of diabetes-related foot pain, such as tingling, which is a kind of sensation that happens when a needle is poked. Pain in the foot is the most common symptoms. You may feel the pain after you get up from the bed, or if the bedsheet rubs against your legs and more. Your wounds may take longer to heal due to nerve damage. Damaged nerve cells cannot carry immune cells. This is another reason why you may feel pain in the foot.

How to Deal with Foot Pain?

Diabetes-related foot pain can be unbearable for many, especially in the advanced age. There are a few effective ways you can reduce the pain and discomfort. Here are some suggestions on dealing with the foot pain:

  1. Blood Sugar Management

Since the foot pain happens when the glucose level is high in the body, people with diabetes need to manage their blood sugar level. It is important get your blood checked regularly. Visit the doctor and discuss the plan. Take the medicines as per the instructions. Look for ways to reduce the blood sugar level. Working out regularly can also help you reduce the glucose level in the body. But make sure that you consult the doctor first before taking up any workout. You can start with mild workout, such as walks and Low Intensity workout. Create a healthy lifestyle to manage your blood sugar level.

  1. Take Care of Your Foot

It is important to take care of the foot the right way. Since they are more prone to damage and pain, you need to make sure that they are well protected. If you have sores or wounds that are not healing fast, make sure to get it checked by a doctor. Foot examination can help you prevent complications like ulcers and amputations. Get it checked every time you visit your doctor. At the same time, yearly check-up is a must, not just for your feet but hands and other body parts too.

  • You can also take care your feet by looking for any symptoms like blisters, cracks, cuts, bruises, and other things.
  • Keep the foot clean to prevent infection. Wash it with warm water to relieve the pain as well as keeping it clean.
  • Keep your feet moisturized to prevent cracking and drying. This will help you reduce the discomfort too.
  • Wear proper socks and shoes that are comfortable. This will help you reduce the discomfort while walking.

These are some of the ways you can take care of your foot. These things can also help you reduce the pain and discomfort that comes with being a diabetes.

  1. Foot Massager For Diabetics

Apart from all the medicines, and check-ups, you can also try another method. Using a foot massager for diabetes can help you reduce pain, improve circulation, and reduce discomfort too. A massager for the foot is designed to relax the muscles, improve circulation and reduce stiffness. Poor circulation is one of the main causes of the pain on the foot.

The Bottom-line

These are some of the ways you can deal with diabetes neuropathy or foot in the pain. You can also use a foot massager for diabetics to reduce the pain. Taking care of the foot is one of the best ways you can deal with the issues.

Foot Log is a foot massager for diabetics that is designed to improve circulation, relax the muscles and reduce the pain or discomfort. It is an easy to use tool and can be used anytime you want.

Contact us at 1-801-302-5915 for more information.

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What is Diabetic neuropathy and How to Treat It?

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