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Top 8 Methods To Increase Blood Circulation In Your Feet

Did you know? Your blood travels about 60,000 miles throughout your body to help each body part thrive. Impressive, isn’t it? This includes your circulatory system as well. So, what happens when blood is unable to reach a certain part of the body properly? What happens if the flow of blood is too low? The absence of the right amount of blood means your body part won’t get the right amount of nutrients and oxygen to thrive. This problem is seen more in lower body parts such as the foot. This is why today, more and more folks are investing in a circulation foot massager to help with a relaxing increase in the blood flow.

But, what else can you do to correct these blood circulation issues in your feet? Before we learn about some quick tips, let us learn about the signs of poor blood circulation in your feet.

Signs That Your Feet Isn’t Getting Enough Blood Circulation

Here are the top signs that confirm that there is an issue with blood circulation in the feet:

  • Feet start to feel numb or cold
  • Light-skinned individuals might observe a blue tinge
  • Dry skin
  • Brittle nails
  • The faster fall-out of hairs
  • Trouble keeping a proper erection
  • Slow-healing sores, wounds, or scrapes in diabetics

To start off, the key is to connect with your physician and confirm the issue and possible treatment. Opting for a circulation foot massager along with the recommended treatment by the doctor can help a lot.

Now that you know the best ways to confirm a loss of circulation in your feet, you are ready to get those tips.

So, here is a quick sum-up of the best ways to increase the blood circulation in the feet.

1. Get Rid Of That Cigarette In Your Hands:

The worst thing you can do to your body is indulging in smoking. This habit isn’t just harmful to your lungs but also to the entire body. Cigarettes have nicotine as an active ingredient within the bud. You can find this ingredient even in smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes. This ingredient has the potential to harm your artery walls and can even thicken the blood to a consistency that discourages it from passing through the blood vessels properly.

So, if you are someone who is an occasional or chain smoker, the key is to quit it right away. Quitting can be difficult, but you can seek help for the same. Doing so will help increase the blood flow to different parts of the body along with the feet. You can also add a circulation foot massager to your shopping list to ensure that your foot recovers fast.

2. Take Care Of Your Blood Pressure Levels:

If your blood pressure is too high, you might suffer from issues such as arteriosclerosis. In this condition, the arteries in your body harden, and when this happens, it can choke the flow of blood. The key is to aim for a flow that is about 120 mmHg/80 mmHg. This number can vary depending on your age & health. So, make sure you get in touch with your doctor to confirm whether your blood pressure is under control. It is ideal that you get your blood pressure levels checked a minimum of once every month.

To make things easier, you can also invest in a blood pressure monitoring device meant for home use. You can also get a circulation foot massager to help your ailing feet while you seek treatment from your physician.

3. Don’t Forget To Exercise:

Exercising is a great way to increase the flow of blood to your feet or any other body part. When you exercise, your body parts send a signal to the brain that they need more oxygen and nutrients to function properly. This is why the brain sends in more blood to your body parts as well as the feet.

Moreover, exercising helps keep your weight in check. This means there wouldn’t be any blockages or hardening of arteries. So, you can ensure that your feet get enough blood for a healthy body part. Once you are done exercising, you can take care of any pain with the help of a circulation foot massager.

4. Check Your Hydration Needs:

Your blood is comprised of 50 percent water. So, it is recommended that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. The key is to aim for a minimum of 8 glasses on a daily basis. If your blood is too thick, it can affect the way it travels throughout your body. This is especially true when it comes to ensuring proper blood flow to the lower sections of the body, including your feet.

5. Invest In A Standing Desk:

Given the lifestyle we live today, it is possible that you sit at your desk for long hours. If you are invested in a 9 to 5 job, you might end up sitting for a minimum of 8 hours. This sedentary lifestyle can hamper the way blood flows through your body. Sitting for long hours isn’t ideal for proper circulation to the feet or on the back.

It can weaken the leg muscles & slow down the flow of blood to your feet and legs. You might also end up with a clot. If you cannot leave your desk every 30 minutes to walk for a minute or so, the key is to invest in a durable standing desk. While standing desks might take you some time to gel with, they are very good for your body and feet. When you stand on your feet when working, it will get your feet’s valves to work. This will cause the veins to send impure blood to the heart while receiving pure blood.

Standing up for too long is also bad. The key is to come to the right mix of sitting and standing to get the best results. While you are sitting, you can relax your feet with the help of a circulation foot massager.

6. Change Your Diet:

Whether you follow the above tips won’t matter at all if you don’t follow a good dietary regime. Eating less food isn’t the way to go. Rather, indulging in the right food holds the key to ensuring proper blood circulation with wholesome nutrients and a lot of oxygen.

You can also try reducing the amount of meat you consume on a daily basis. Meaty products tend to have a lot of carbohydrates and fat that can affect your body’s circulation pattern. Invest in meals that have a good amount of vegetables and fruits. Green-leafy veggies are your friend if you are looking for relief from foot pain caused due to poor circulation.

Refrain from eating food with saturated fat. Also, avoid food that has a lot of salt. Doing this will keep your body weight in a normal range. It will also ensure that your blood pressure and cholesterol are in control. It will also keep the arteries clear for better blood flow.

7. Invest In A Reliable Circulation Foot Massager:

Massaging is known to increase the blood circulation on the body part it is focused on. This action doesn’t just relax your muscles but also promotes better oxygen and nutrition flow to different parts of your body. So, if you are someone dealing with a foot circulation issue, the key is to invest in a circulation foot massager.

Make sure you purchase your device from a reliable seller so that you don’t have to keep changing your massager every now and then. Opt for natural massagers as opposed to the battery-operated ones. This is because patients that suffer from diabetes might not bode well with battery-operated foot massagers.

8. Soak In Warm Water:

Another great way to increase blood circulation in your feet is to soak them in warm water. You can also add some salt to this water for better healing effects. Warm water helps open up the veins and arteries wider than normal, thus letting in more blood to your feet. You can also drink some hot tea or water to add to this healing effect.

Moreover, a warm water bath also helps relax you from within while promoting better sleep which is essential for good blood pressure in the body.


With these tips in mind, you can now focus on keeping your feet in their best health. Keep in mind that a massager can help boost the effects of these methods. So, do invest in a good-quality circulation foot massager. If you feel that something isn’t working for you, make sure you get in touch with your physician for a better analysis of the situation.

Are you seeking a circulation foot massager that offers natural relaxation? Head over to Footlog to shop for a reliable foot massager that is created by experts with knowledge in foot treatment. These foot massagers provide the necessary stimulation without adding any discomfort. When paired with the foot cream, it gives optimum results, especially if you are a diabetic. So, shop today and avail some amazing discounts on your purchase. For any queries, give us a quick call at 801-302-5977 or write to us at

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Top 8 Methods To Increase Blood Circulation In Your Feet
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