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What are the best ways to increase circulation in your foot?

If you continuously happen to have swollen or cold feet, there might be an issue with your blood circulation. In many cases, this is nothing wrong & easy to fix with some simple lifestyle alterations. Good circulation in your foot allows tissues to absorb nutrients, eliminate waste, & is an essential function of protracted foot health & strength. Poor circulation can be increased by starting simple habits & making some changes to your diet, or you can also opt for a circulation foot massager.

Importance of Having Good Circulation

Circulation is the general term for how blood is pumped into your body by the heart. Blood transfers oxygen from your lungs around the rest of your body & is used to help eliminate carbon dioxide & other hazardous waste products. Circulation of blood is also the primary way hormones & things like your immune cells are transferred to exactly where they’re required in your body.

As your foot is the furthest point away from your heart, it takes longer for the blood to reach there. In case your blood circulation is slower, then it might result in a lack of oxygen & other stuff reaching your feet. Moreover, this can harm your health over time, as well as it might also lead to more severe conditions.

Generally, the most common symptoms of bad circulation in your feet include:

  • General achiness or swelling
  • Numbness or coldness
  • Cramps
  • Slower nail & hair growth
  • A tingling sensation
How to Improve Circulation in Your Foot?

Here is a short guide to increasing your foot circulation you must take a look at before opting for a circulation foot massager.

1. Walking

Walking is an easy, low-impact exercise that will help you develop a more active & healthier lifestyle & may help in weight loss. However, walking at any pace is helpful to increase blood circulation throughout your body, as it is the best method to lower your arterial pressure & increase muscle contraction in your foot. As muscles contract & relax, they tighten around the large veins, promoting good circulation in more stalled areas of flow.

If you’re suffering from arthritis, opt for an arthritis foot massager to get relief from pain & improve blood circulation in your foot.

2. Stretching

Engaging in routine stretching has many benefits for your body. Moreover, stretching with the correct technique will help promote circulation, which carries nutrients & oxygen to your organs & muscles that are needed for proper function, flexibility, & movement.

If you’re facing discomforts due to peripheral neuropathy, opt for a neuropathy foot massager to get relief from that discomfort.

3. Taking Supplements

Various natural supplements might support the health of your heart. Omega 3 is a great choice as it has anti-inflammatory effects, which might help prevent blood vessel damaging. Coenzyme Q10 is another common pick that will help with your heart function & aid with the regulation of your blood sugar.

You must go for medical assistance if you are persistently having poor circulation in your foot, as it might be a sign of a more severe condition. Before consuming any form of supplement, consult an expert to ensure they are right for your requirements.

Sometimes poor blood circulation can also lead to arthritis. So, to get rid of arthritis-related pains, opt for an arthritis foot massager today.

4. Foot Massage with a Massager 

The benefits of utilizing a foot massager go much further than just relaxation. Apart from relaxation, foot massagers can also help considerably towards relieving pain in your feet & lower legs. Foot massages will activate the nervous system, resulting in an increased number of comforting brain chemicals like endorphins to ease the stress levels.

Moreover, massagers apply pressure with the help of massage techniques, & this pressure causes the blood to move through the clogged areas of your foot. And when this applied pressure is released, it also allows new blood to flow in, & consequently, revive your feet.

Poor circulation is a severe condition & sometimes requires urgent medical attention. One of the severe conditions caused by poor circulation is peripheral neuropathy, which is quite painful for the victim as well. So, if you wish to get relief from neuropathy pain, then buy a neuropathy foot massager today.

5. Quit Smoking

If you need healthful blood vessels, then you must quit smoking. Smoking might cause your feet & ankles to swell, & blood clots are also common for smokers. In case you are smoking, the heart will not work under the best conditions, & this will lead to impaired blood vessels & veins in your foot.

6. Managing Stress Levels

Stress might have adverse effects on your physical & mental health, including your body’s blood circulation. Therefore, you should look for ways to manage your stress. You can do it through exercise, meditation, listening to music, psychotherapy, or taking deep breaths.

If you’re facing problems with arthritis & want to get relief from its pain, then opting for an arthritis foot massager will be the best option.


Circulation may degrade as we age. But circulation issues might affect anyone & at any age. But by following these above-mentioned significant & proven ways, you can improve blood circulation in your foot. However, it is always better to stay active & take every precautionary measure to avoid poor blood circulation.

Do you want to get relief from poor blood circulation in your feet? Try out Foot Log’s finest foot massagers for better results. Give us a call at 1-801-302-5915, to get more details about our foot massagers & other services.



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What are the best ways to increase circulation in your foot?

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