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Is Foot Massager the Right Option for Diabetics?

Now, who doesn’t love a good massage? Whether you are healthy from tip-to-toe or suffering from a long-term ailment, a relaxing massage is always a welcome move. While we focus on most of our body parts, we often forget that our foot is just as important, especially when you are suffering from problematic health issues such as diabetes. With the right foot massager for diabetics, you can cope up with a number of physical complications that come from diabetes.

The right foot massage therapy is known to alleviate different types of complications that might surface from high blood sugar levels.

Why is Foot Massager Important?

As per the ADA or American Diabetes Association, 1 of every 3 diabetic patients above 50 years of age is bound to suffer from PAD or Peripheral Arterial Disease. Now, PAD occurs whenever the leg’s blood vessels are blocked and narrowed due to the fatty deposits. This leads to a reduction in the blood flowing to the legs, which might result in alarming issues leading to foot ulcers and ultimately amputation.

This is why it is critical for diabetics to opt for massagers that ensure that there is enough blood flowing through your veins going to the legs.

Massage Solutions for your Foot

From amazingly relaxing recliners that come with foot & calf massagers all the way to the targeted foot massagers, you can make use of amazing tools that help you treat your foot in the best possible way. Products from reliable sellers such as Foot Log helps you get access to advanced foot massage techniques that replicate a professional massage session. This eventually enhances the blood flowing between your torso and legs.

Techniques Used for Foot Massaging

Now, when you use the best foot massager for diabetics, there is a process to it. You shouldn’t simply start using the foot massager without this initial methodology added to the same.

Here you go.

  1. When starting with a good foot massaging session, the first thing you need to do is clean your feet with a good soap and water solution. Make sure you choose a mild soap in accordance with your skin condition.
  2. After cleaning the foot, wipe it dry with the help of a soft towel, and do not forget to moisturize.
  3. Next, start by using a soothing essential or therapeutic oil that suits you, such as vanilla or lavender, before making use of any foot massager.
  4. Start using your foot massager slowly. Do not put a lot of pressure on your foot as you start. Slowly increase the pressure up to your liking.
  5. Post the massaging session, you can use several foot creams available at Footlog’s website to get the best of your foot massager.

Benefits of a Good Foot Massager

Apart from imparting a relaxing feeling, diabetics also experience flexibility in the muscles as they are loosened with the help of massage. A high level of sugar in your blood can lead to thickening of the connective tissues, and massage helps increase the elasticity and mobility within the tissue. Given the fact that the tendons, muscles, as well as ligaments, are now in a relaxed state, your foot will experience an improvement in lifestyle.

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Important Precautions

With all these benefits to help you, one should definitely go ahead and try using massagers for your foot on a regular basis. However, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before trying something new for your body.

Before you opt for any type of physical massage or therapy, make sure you consult your physician. Ask whether or not massage would be a great option for your legs and ensure that there are no adverse effects of the same. If you are a diabetic, you need to ensure that the fluctuations occurring in your blood sugar content should be monitored regularly. Any sudden spike or decline could lead to major consequences in terms of health.

Further, diabetics that suffer from issues such as neuropathy need to be cautious while assessing your body’s pressure levels & any heat produced from the massaging process. Given the fact that neuropathy might lead to nerve damage, it could be difficult to determine how to work on your feet when massaging the same to avoid overheating or bruising. So, make sure you consult with your physician to avoid any probable risks and get the best of your foot massager.

So, in a gist, here are some of the obvious health benefits of using a foot massager for diabetics. Let us check them out.

  • Softens Hard Skin: Diabetics tend to suffer from skin hardening that eventually leads to issues such as bruising. To avoid this, a regular massage of the foot is the key.
  • Eases Fatigue or Pain: Most of the nerves present in the legs and feet tend to originate from your spine’s lower end. If you have been suffering from back pain or leg pain in the long run, opting for a massager for feet is the right option.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: With regular massaging sessions for your feet, you will experience an improvement in blood circulation and thus feel and energetic in the long run.


Start your day with a good foot massage, or end your day with one for a deep slumber. Feel clean, protected, and relaxed while averting any negative effects of diabetes on your feet. Stimulate your sense with the best foot massager available in the market.

Looking for the best foot massager for your daily massaging needs? Trust Foot Log for all your foot care needs. If you suffer from diabetes, now is the time to pamper yourself. Order from our collection of foot products and get exclusive discounts on your cart! To know more about our products, call us at (800) 922-1961 or 1-801-302-5915.

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Is Foot Massager the Right Option for Diabetics?

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