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When Should you Massage your Feet and Why?

Every day, your feet put forth a lot of effort for you. Going to shop, get-togethers with relatives, co-workers, friends, school activities – there is no lack of hours spent on one's foot, especially during that hectic period of the year for several individuals.

Your feet, like your back, shoulders, & neck, might benefit from either a frequent rubdown. Foot massage increases circulation, activates muscles, relieves stress, & frequently relieves pain. It also allows you to examine your feet & get a head start on addressing bunions, corns, blisters, & toenail issues.

But how would massage accomplish all of this? It stimulates your neurological system, resulting in a surge in feel-good chemicals in the brain such as endorphins. In one research, patients who had reflexology foot massage after having their appendix removed experienced less discomfort & took fewer medications.

But that's not all. Foot massage increases circulation, which aids in healing and maintains the condition of your muscles & tissues. This is especially crucial if you've got a medical condition that contributes to poor circulation and nerve damage, such as diabetes.

Rubbing the feet also allows you to examine for additional issues such as ulcers, corns, & ingrown toenails. Checking the feet for blisters is a great idea if you already have poor circulation.

1.It is advantageous to sexual life.

It just takes a little massage oil, just several scented candles, & some soft music to create the ideal atmosphere for one night of intense lovemaking. A reflexology foot massager is a wonderful present for the significant other; it allows them to forget about little annoyances they have had to cope with during the day & is an excellent kind of foreplay.

The feet are just an excellent place to begin since they may induce moderate arousal & provide an easy segue to more strong erogenous zones such as the backside of the knees & inner thighs.

  1. Improves circulation

We have gotten accustomed to not exercising our muscles on such a daily basis as a result of our mainly sedentary lifestyle. The muscles within the foot receive little activity, & circulation is frequently hampered by tight & uncomfortable shoes. Before retiring to bed, a ten to twenty-minute reflexology foot massage may substantially increase circulation mostly in lower limbs, which is very essential for diabetics.

  1. Aids in the prevention of foot & ankle injuries

Massage of the reflexology feet may help alleviate joint discomfort & injury rehabilitation, as well as lessen muscular tightness. Massage, in conjunction with foot or ankle building exercises and stretching, can assist to prevent future injuries as well as hasten recovery from present ones. A brief session of reflexology foot massager 3 to 5 times per week will guarantee that your risk of damage is minimized. We all make mistakes, but developing a strong yet flexible ankle & foot ensures that we avoid severe injuries.

  1. Relieves the symptoms of sadness & anxiety

Looking at a few of the research on the benefits of reflexology feet, it appears that this form of foot massage extends beyond merely relaxing individuals for the period of the massage.

It has been demonstrated that frequent sessions greatly reduce anxiety among cancer patients. The strategies are simple to learn & may be used to effectively deal with sadness & anxiety.

  1. Aids in the treatment of headaches & migraines.

Danish research found that patients struggling from headaches & migraines improved significantly after having reflexology treatments. The test patients stopped taking their medications, & three months later, 65 percent of them had decreased symptoms, while a tiny number had already been cured. It is thought that people who used reflexology foot massagers made other beneficial lifestyle adjustments, which may have assisted in their outstanding outcomes.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure became very prevalent in both men & women in recent times. It can even be triggered by a variety of reasons, including stress & a poor diet, but in many other cases, this has no specific cause & is thought to be the consequence of environmental & hereditary factors.

A study of healthcare workers who interact with older individuals diagnosed with dementia — a profession that is both physically & psychologically demanding – found that a ten-minute reflexology foot massage session 3 times per week resulted in increased mood, less anxiety, as well as lower blood pressure.

  1. Aids in the treatment of flat feet & plantar fasciitis.

Because of ligament laxity, those with flat feet don't maintain a regular foot arch, causing the arch to collapse. Although it may not have a significant impact on an individual, some people suffer foot pain even after light physical exercise owing to flat feet. Inflammation or degeneration of plantar fascia may lead to chronic heel discomfort (the connective tissue which holds the curve of the reflexology feet). Regular foot workout combined with deep massage, which involves applying strong pressure to the arch, can significantly alleviate & even cure such conditions.

  1. Aids in the relief of PMS & menopausal symptoms

The most frequent PMS symptoms include sorrow & dissatisfaction, impatience, anxiety, tension, sleeplessness, tiredness, headaches, & mood swings. Regular foot massages could help alleviate the bulk of these issues during this period. Similarly, frequent massages can successfully reduce the effects of menopause, which seem to be identical to PMS with the inclusion of hot flashes & depression.


Reflexology is indeed an ancient therapeutic method based on the idea that there are reflex spots on the foot that correlate to various organs & glands inside the body. Regular foot massage, combined with reflexology feet, promotes both physiological and physical wellness. A regular foot massage for several minutes is a fantastic way to treat your feet & maintain their strong & flexibility.

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When Should you Massage your Feet and Why?
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