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How to tackle foot pain with different massaging techniques?

Pain is a usual symptom for many foot conditions, & foot massage can often help tackle foot pain. Your feet benefit a lot from a regular rubdown. Foot massage helps with foot pain relief and improves circulation, reduces tension, & stimulates muscles, reduces tension. It also provides you time for examining your feet, offering you the chance to find a problem before it worsens.

However, foot massage includes a range of different techniques, each used to relieve pain, decrease pain, boost circulation, and help with plantar fasciitis pain relief. Let’s learn more about those techniques.

1. Warmup twists

One way to begin a foot massage is with a warmup twist. To use this massaging technique:

  • First, place the palms on both sides of the foot
  • carefully pull the right flank of the foot forward while pushing the left flank backward
  • press the left flank of the foot back while pulling the foot’s right side onward
  • repeat this action, working the hands beginning from the ankle to toes

The mild twisting motion warms up your foot, preparing them for further massage.

2. Arch rubs

People might make use of arch rubs to massage the base of the foot. To use this massaging technique:

  • hold the upper side of the foot in one hand
  • rub the length of the bend with the fingers of the other hand
  • the process is repeated, from the heel to metatarsalgia (the ball of the foot)

If you wish for the uttermost result with your foot pain relief, it is better to have a professional massage your foot rather than doing it yourself.

3. Toe bends

Toe bends might encourage flexibility in your foot. To use this technique:

  • begin by holding the heel with one hand
  • bend every toe on one-foot back-and-forth simultaneously with the other hand
  • Keep repeating the movement by slowly increasing pressure & flexing the toes to their complete set of motion

To have a proper toe bend massage for plantar fasciitis pain relief, it is recommended to have it done by a therapist instead of trying to do it by yourself.

4. Foot spread

Foot spreading might help your foot expand to its regular width. To use this massaging technique:

  • hold both sides of the foot
  • pull both sides of the foot outwardly
  • repeat this action, allowing your foot to spread
5. Heel squeeze

Heel squeeze massage might help relieve strain at the back of the foot. To use heel squeeze:

  • hold the upper side of the foot in one hand
  • hold the backside of the heel in the other hand
  • squeeze & release the rear of the heel over and over again
6. Fist or knuckle work

Fist or knuckle work is a technique to massage the sole. To use fist or knuckle work:

  • hold the rear of the foot with one hand
  • hold a full fist or knuckle on the other hand upon the sole
  • use the fist or knuckle to shape the sole, using a mild pressure
  • repeat this action, working down the metatarsalgia to the heel

It can be a bit difficult trying to do knuckle work by yourself, so for plantar fasciitis pain relief, it’s better to have a professional take care of it.

7. Thumb work

It is another foot massaging technique that an individual can apply on the bottom of the foot. To use this massaging technique:

  • first, hold either side of the foot with a single hand
  • place the fingers on the upper part of the foot
  • on the toe pads of each foot, place the thumbs
  • use the thumbs to rub each toe, using gentle pressure
  • move to metatarsalgia, repeating the downstroke movement with the thumbs
  • repeat this movement in the arch of the feet & the heel
  • keeping doing it as long as it is pleasing
8. Pressure points

Pressure point on the arch of the foot is a relaxing massage technique for your foot. To use this massaging technique:

  • hold the upper part of the foot with one hand
  • Press & release the upper part of the arch by using the thumb of the other hand
  • slowly move down the curve of the foot, repeating this pressing movement
  • continue pressing & freeing, down to the back of the heel

If you are suffering from foot pain & want foot pain relief, take a foot massage session from a professional massage therapist right now.

9. Achilles’ massage

It might help relieve strain on the Achilles tendon. To use this massaging technique:

  • hold the Achilles tendon with one hand, in between the thumb & index finger
  • use a patting motion down against the heel
  • repeat this over & over

Under any circumstances, if you are suffering from foot pain, then it can be due to plantar fasciitis. So, before trying to get plantar fasciitis pain relief at home, you should go to a massage therapist for better results.


Foot massage is an on-hand home treatment for strained or aching feet. The practice might also help an individual relax & unwind, encouraging their overall sense of prosperity. The techniques in this blog are a basic induction to a foot massage. People might seek further instruction from experts or visit a massage therapist.

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How to tackle foot pain with different massaging techniques?

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